Monday, November 22, 2010


"In all we do, He's first..." - Trip Lee

Sometimes when we go through life, we forget the things, and people, that are most important to us. As Christians, we tend to even forget God and the love that He graciously shows us daily - the love that is like no other love that exists. Today's quote reminds us that we must keep God first in everything that we do, no matter how little or how small the task may be. If we forget Him, rest assured that He will do everything in His power to remind us of Him again. He never lets His people go astray, though we may suffer the consequences for our actions. Hardship is just one way that God brings us back to Him. It is through those dark times that we are reminded of how good He is and just how much we need Him. Therefore, we must make keeping Him first a priority.

Christians have once said in their lives that God is now first. When we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, He immediately takes up residence and replaces worldly desires with godly desires. Sure, we will still have to fight fleshly desires. That's why we must decide to die to ourselves daily. It's a CHOICE. We can choose to operate in accordance with fleshly lusts, but we can also choose to operate in accordance with the Holy Spirit. Once we accept Christ, we are no longer dominated by sin. We just have new, holy desires that conflict with those of the flesh. And when something needs to change, sometimes it takes a while for it to do so. That's why the Christian life is a PROCESS. We will never be perfect until the day we die or until the day He comes again. However, our spirits will live on, and we leave our bodies behind. They will live on with God. Since all of this is so, we always have something to improve upon. Keeping God first in our lives here on Earth will definitely allow us to completely experience the abundance life that Jesus promised us upon salvation (John 10:10).

Therefore, until your life is done, Christian, keep God #1.

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