Sunday, March 27, 2011

What "Whale" Must God Use to Get Your Attention?

"Those who worship false gods turn their backs on all God’s mercies. But I will offer sacrifices to you with songs of praise, and I will fulfill all my vows. For my salvation comes from the Lord alone."

Then the Lord ordered the fish to spit Jonah out onto the beach. - Jonah 2:8-10

A few friends and I went to the FCA college night about 2 months ago in Norman, Oklahoma. The speaker spoke about Jonah and how he refused to go to Ninevah as God instructed. Eventually, after the men threw him overboard during a major storm, Jonah was swallowed by a fish. While he was in this fish, he had time to think. God didn't end Jonah's life after the fish swallowed him, but He did allow Jonah to rethink his decision. Jonah realized that he couldn't run away from God's instruction, and Chapter 2 verses 8-10 paints that picture. Once Jonah realized this, confessed his wrongdoing, and praised God for who He is, God released him from the whale.

What is the "whale" in your life that has swallowed you? Are you in a place right now that you are only in because God is trying to get you to think about the decisions and choices you have made? Turn back to Him, and He will send you on your way to do what He has called you to do. As His child, He will always warn you when you are about to make a wrong decision. Are you willing to listen?

What "Nineveh" is God calling you to that you are trying to avoid? Could it be the need to stop an addiction, let go of a relationship, etc? God loves you and believes that you are precious, but He will not let your preciousness become your God.

It's time to wake up and exit the "whale" by surrendering to God's call to "Nineveh." Will you go?