Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now I'm A Graduate...

"No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead." - Philippians 3:13

I have been a college graduate for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Honestly, this time in my life right now is bittersweet; I am glad to be done, but there are some things about Oklahoma Baptist University that I dearly miss. However, I believe that my time on Bison Hill has really prepared me for a great future. I have grown in so many ways during the past 4 years, and I praise and thank God for it all. Only He deserves the glory for everything that's occurred.

When I think about Philippians 3:13, I realize this verse greatly applies. At this point of my life, I have no choice but to move forward and not look back and reminisce. I am in the process of learning to think more like an adult while, at the same time, allowing God to prune me of what doesn't belong. Sometimes I do not understand this journey He has me on; I don't have all the answers. In just a few months, I will be moving to a place and a school where I barely know anyone. Still, I trust my Savior to lead me safely.

My family is so supportive. In all things, they have been behind me every step of the way. I am so thankful for them everyday. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to know that I have a family who will always love me. That's part of the flame that ignites my motivation. I can't thank them enough for their constant help, even it the difficult times. Their presence in my life truly blesses me; God has definitely spoiled me. :)

I must now take this time out to say a few words to a few young ladies who have been a huge part of my journey through OBU:
- Alexis Thurmond: I cannot thank you enough for your constant encouragement and support. You never cease to supply an uplifting word or remind me of my dreams at times I feel like throwing in the towel. I am so inspired by your drive and diligence to be responsible. To me, your life is a reminder to leave behind that which has already past and press on to the blessings God may have right in front of me. Thank you. :)
- Sharneece Pratt: There is WAY too much I could say to you right now. Haha. But it simply boils down to this: You are my little sis. That in itself has meant so much to me, because you have shown me what loyalty, care, and trust looks like throughout everything we have experienced together. It's so nice to know that I have someone who keeps me sharp; iron sharpens iron, for real! Thank you. :)
- Erica Daniell: My Ms. E...I always smile when I think of you, because your very presence makes me think, "Victory." I must say, your life story has encouraged me in more ways than I can count (you probably never knew that). I have no doubt that your future is bright, and I wish you best of luck in the Miss Oklahoma Pageant!
- Clarissa Watkins: I don't know anyone else who has your level of trustworthiness. I know I can always count on you when I need love and support. You were the one who stuck by my side through the most painful times and STILL kept a smile on your face and a joyful spirit in your heart. I cannot begin to tell you how comforted I was by that. "The Resolution" will follow me wherever I go - LITERALLY. God bless you. :)

Lastly, but most definitely not least, God I want to thank You. I definitely could not have made it this far without You. You deserve all the glory, power, honor, and praise for everything. You have constantly taught me that Your ways are not my ways; they are much higher and much greater. Thank You for teaching me humility, for after it always comes honor. I thank You for what is behind me now, because it all helped shape me for what is ahead. Thank You in advance for what You have in store for my future. Give me strength and grace to do my part no matter what as You continue to use me for Your glory. In Your name, Amen.

"I run, and I do not look back. For, in so doing, I stay on the right track." - Jacqueline Walter


  1. Lovely Post. May the Lord be with you on this new journey you've started in your life.

    Congrats again on graduation.

    1. Thank you Lizzy! I appreciate it girl!!

  2. Love you! Although you are moving to a new place you will also have family here to support you in your journey. Love you!

    1. I know! That's one of the things I'm the most excited about. Love you too!